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- honestly... the end game of mining is realising you will make more money running lvl3 missions How ...2011.08.21 20:01:00
- 0/10Far far too obvious and not nearly amusing enough. Yet people still biting, got to upgrade to at ...2011.08.20 08:00:00
- Wrong.We come for our people, and we have the receipt to prove they're ours. Guessing you put Admi ...2011.08.09 12:07:00
- And Mara is a chill villain; looking forward to some more fights (including vs. that shiny new Cynab ...2011.04.25 09:41:00
- Or he dailed the wrong number........ ...2011.04.22 14:43:00
- In my clan's warrior lodge, one can only proclaim your deeds once they are done, and once you can br ...2011.02.07 08:24:00
- So run along and get whatever you need done, come back and post when you done something about wha ...2011.02.06 17:42:00
- a bit off topic but balder con's prose and style remind me of dame death typing prowess. coincidence ...2011.01.23 19:31:00
- At the formation of faction warfare, CVA informed milita corps that they would not be treated diff ...2011.01.08 08:54:00
- Come post when you actually win a real fight So a fight which is reasonably fair in numbers and shi ...2011.01.05 07:57:00
- Him > Well, tell me if you have a POS and where it is. Pay 25 mil and I'll leave your POS out of ...2010.11.28 14:37:00
- I was assuming you were going to see the war's through to the end, not plan on just running out ...2010.11.24 15:02:00
- When did I say that we are evacuating the Wildlands? Well you may not of but unless you planning o ...2010.11.24 08:49:00
- Lets take a minute and think about that... maybe i mean it's your corp mates that need to be on grid ...2010.11.22 16:04:00
- So Jad... err Rosalund, am sure you're adoring fan is waiting with baited breath for the next gri ...2010.11.01 18:04:00

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