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- Hi,I cant tell you 100% if something is running unless i am sitting at your computer.Your only bet i ...2007.12.13 04:31:00
- Hi all,Scr is a windows screen saver file it is a binary (exe) renamed scr.It may not show up as a v ...2007.12.13 03:41:00
- Edited by: Pham Sirge on 20/04/2007 10:53:47 Hi all,Just to clear up a little issue from the 0.0 pl ...2007.04.20 10:56:00
- Hi all,I donít know how the other players have been feeling but I personally have felt there has bee ...2007.04.15 13:11:00
- Hi all,Im getting a similar problem, when trying to fit my ship the modules dont online and I need t ...2007.03.11 05:51:00
- Hi TomB and Community managers,I know eve has degenerated into a game for rejected wow kids, but do ...2007.03.04 19:20:00
- Edited by: Pham Sirge on 26/02/2007 18:59:56 Hi all,Realtek dont work.... lol well thats like every ...2007.02.26 19:03:00
- Hi all,This thread is "the win".The general "I dont want to leave NPC corps because its scary and ta ...2007.02.05 19:25:00
- Edited by: Pham Sirge on 05/02/2007 19:01:32 Hi all,Removing people from local both helps and hinde ...2007.02.05 19:04:00
- Hi all,Im also having this issue.Its getting rather extreme for me with 5-6 disconnects in a hour pe ...2007.02.04 10:38:00
- Hi all,Same Issue for me and another friend who play eve.He was around for a lan at my place and we ...2007.02.04 07:05:00
- Hi all,I just starting having this issue also.It is currently RUINING EVE for me., Pham Sirge ...2007.02.03 08:35:00
- Hi all,Money doesnt grow on trees or otherwise. The only place you can really "invest" money in this ...2007.01.27 23:41:00
- Hi all,To OP: Grats man, you win the best stupid thread award for this week.Lots of people have alt ...2007.01.14 03:57:00
- Hi all,Unless you have lived in 0.0 for an extended period of time you have no right to question it. ...2007.01.12 20:43:00

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