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- Yay I copped a mention! :D ...2011.08.03 15:45:00
- Vouching that this man is full of funbags. ...2011.07.07 15:33:00
- CCP Soundwave you should get a Guristas shirt and keep it on the whole AT, cause you would probably ...2011.06.22 01:26:00
- Kumq Uat <3 Such an inspirational testament of eve. It is true Laedy doesn't afraid of anything and ...2011.06.22 00:32:00
- Stop trolling Garmon. Almost choked on my coffee.Sorry, what? Somebody can troll Garmon? ...2011.06.22 00:13:00
- You forgot to add the tl;dr,;dr: We wanted to give you all a much more exciting FIXED matc ...2011.06.21 06:36:00
- It doesnt matter how much effort you guys put into this tournement, and all the ppl who organised th ...2011.06.20 11:16:00
- <3 Duncan. It was all worth it, it's awesome as all hell.I know that Pyro, Knifee, Hart, Zamone, and ...2011.06.20 09:50:00
- I'm gay for duncan too after this wall-o-text. ...2011.06.20 08:25:00
- Uh, total non-sense.You tell the damn Vindicator pilot to self-destruct.And then lose the fight.You ...2011.06.20 07:54:00
- I'm ****ED the way this turned out. "Shout out to girls that play EVE" That is bull****, us girls ca ...2011.06.20 05:33:00
- HYDRA RELOADED ...2011.06.19 18:35:00
- Females IN MY EVE?Hi. ...2011.05.06 02:38:00
- "Red Dwarf Mining Corporation"We'll get onto driving them out right away. ...2011.04.26 14:44:00
- I'll be voting for you, and I've endorsed you on my little blog. (also I may or may not bully othe ...2011.03.21 22:37:00

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