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- Probably should have postponed the deployment of Incarna 1.0 (like indefinitely). Yes, the MT compo ...2011.07.16 14:31:00
- Edited by: Sraik Doubter on 16/07/2011 14:23:44 Edited by: Sraik Doubter on 16/07/2011 14:16:59 I ...2011.07.16 14:13:00
- Here's my content:You have cancelled your EVE Online subscription.Your account will be suspended at ...2011.07.16 13:59:00
- Seems like it has considerable depth. The UI is a bit hard for me to manage, but then again, I am s ...2011.06.28 04:13:00
- Bump for an excellent corp. The amount you learn is only limited by the effort you put in. ...2011.05.22 23:32:00
- New nebulae graphics New turret effects New cyno-graphics and engine-trails Corp Logos on Ships ...2011.05.21 13:52:00
- Edited by: Sraik Doubter on 17/04/2011 15:33:49 New to FW, but something above triggered a thought. ...2011.04.17 15:32:00
- Fully endorse this product. See you soon EP. Got some other paths to explore atm, but will be back ...2011.04.15 05:42:00
- Seems like a pretty cool idea. Wow, it's logical too. The extent of civilization (ie sec rating) o ...2011.04.02 19:26:00
- Edited by: Hannibal Vexor on 25/03/2011 14:54:58 I hate the idea of a ECM BC. However with a few mo ...2011.03.26 02:43:00
- Would love to see some more US tz folks in here. Great group of guys to fly with. Roams are fast a ...2011.03.08 04:31:00
- guys realize that EP is totally trolling you, right?That said, I think that his premise th ...2011.03.08 04:14:00
- Edited by: Sraik Doubter on 07/03/2011 01:47:30 Might want to check out Shadow Incursions as see if ...2011.03.07 01:47:00
- Joined Shadow Incursion about a month back and have been having a great time. If you like small to ...2011.03.07 01:41:00
- Might want to take a look at Shadow Incursions. Joined them a bit ago and really enjoy the atmosphe ...2011.02.27 00:16:00

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