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- Not posting on my main. I am a lawyer specialized in insolvency and recapitalization. Still rather y ...2010.05.05 22:50:00
- Hi, I am a Cyno Alt.My existence consists of lighting cynos and dieing in fires. Sucks to be me. ...2010.04.18 11:35:00
- I think the Eve-Community just leveled 'Threadnoughting' to Lvl 5.Gratz guys. Now back to some serio ...2010.04.05 20:00:00
- Edited by: Luka Cino on 17/11/2009 20:59:55 Edited by: Luka Cino on 17/11/2009 20:57:30 Prolly sho ...2009.11.17 20:56:00
- Yeah especially when they use Paypal and the charge gets reversed Yhen you're out a character, mone ...2009.11.15 01:38:00
- /signed4th try. ...2009.11.12 23:10:00

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