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- unfortunately nope, I cannot speak or write any german :( ...2011.01.15 12:10:00
- As topic title says I'm looking for a corp that enjoys doing PvE missions/operations/events and so o ...2011.01.15 12:06:00
- one for Alexander Leviathan pls ...2011.01.12 17:58:00
- its a WTB bro ...2011.01.12 17:32:00
- Char name: Alexander Leviathan ...2011.01.12 17:26:00
- Well if your looking for a combination of PvE and PvP and a wormhole corp don't look any farther. Pl ...2010.08.28 07:45:00
- Seems easy but its not, I've joined many corps that teach PvP but all of them starts classes or ops ...2010.08.28 07:20:00
- Sounds the corp I'm looking for :) Hope to catch someone in game! ...2010.08.25 08:34:00
- Which time zone do you play/teach? I'm interested but depends if you're online when I am :) ...2010.08.25 08:21:00
- Hello, I'm an amarr spec pilot, ~13M SP all in combat. I'd like to improve my PvP skills and I'm ver ...2010.06.09 14:47:00
- Now that CVA is no more holding space (at least from what I can see in the map), is there any corp t ...2010.05.08 08:24:00
- Basically like title says, I'm looking to come back in game and wish to find a pve corp to play with ...2010.05.07 17:32:00
- nobody? ...2010.01.14 07:01:00
- Hi there, even if I have just 7.5M SP they're all on pvp (2M gunnery, 1.5M engineering ecc) because ...2010.01.13 10:26:00
- Edited by: Alexander Leviathan on 26/09/2009 17:39:21 Thx ! ...2009.09.26 17:39:00

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