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- So Veldspar (+ other ores) Processing V is totally useless?Until you find your self in null sec or W ...2011.09.05 11:18:00
- Technetium is falling because the Northern Coalition was quite good at managing the supply-side of t ...2011.09.02 16:15:00
- Anyone noticed that all MMO's are theme parks now ? To me it seems there are only two sandbox MMO' ...2011.08.29 16:18:00
- If you plan on doing anything with PI in high sec, you should just suck it up and buy your stuff fro ...2011.08.29 14:45:00
- Edited by: Baneken on 29/08/2011 03:40:37 also a nice point to remember....while not scannable, th ...2011.08.29 03:39:00
- My first PC (8086 ...) also had a turbo button (from DOS actually not a button) but I never used it ...2011.08.27 17:19:00
- Or to put it more simple you had a download rate of 5min/mb (14,4k) and phone bills were so high tha ...2011.08.26 18:19:00
- PI pretty straight forward, really it is. For each planet all you need is an extractor, launch pad ...2011.08.26 18:05:00
- No need to get the frigate to V, only IV is required for cruiser.Except that you need skills like as ...2011.08.26 17:54:00
- Quick and dirty fix for giving small guys a chance is simple to make cyno jammers dependent on syste ...2011.08.24 04:30:00
- Drones also on occasion get stuck immobile when they have enough hull damage and are unable to move ...2011.08.23 07:38:00
- Only problem with T2 BPO/BPC is that people still cannot count 1+1 Just take a look at T2 Armour rig ...2011.08.10 14:51:00
- One thing is that 'bad' space doesn't have to mean it's literally bad like it's now. What you need ...2011.08.04 05:34:00
- Except that CCP chickened and no clothes bought from the store are destroyed when podded. ...2011.08.03 05:03:00
- You are correct, Targeting Elite is well worth the train. Any logistics pilot needs it.Indeed they d ...2011.08.03 04:57:00

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