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- EVE is real. Anime is not. ...2011.05.29 18:45:00
- I like this thread. No you don't. :colbert: ...2011.05.29 18:42:00
- striminers last so long the ship can turn around and mine a huge hole in their own ship.technical tr ...2011.05.29 18:31:00
- 1. Rate the graphics performance: 4 Nothing that is not reported allready.** Note that if you exper ...2011.05.24 09:37:00
- Theres and awesoem random function there. ♫HammerTime!♪ ...2011.01.21 12:06:00
- Worked with no problems. got the correct skillpoint reimbruicement at lvl 5 t1 skills and lvl 5 t2 s ...2010.12.06 21:52:00
- is the last know link to work? I ...2009.09.26 19:52:00
- when I get home from easter holidays I Would like to see all the ships ready with pdf files to print ...2009.04.03 21:34:00
- dumb people is a nice income source. come back to igne. ...2009.03.31 09:21:00
- atm, no ew is worth my time. ...2009.03.25 22:49:00
- I guess I whine about ecm because my maxed out falcon pilot is to dull. that make sense. But since ...2009.03.25 22:49:00
- As ECM is now, makes ECM the best option/only option to be of real use. This is indeed true. Please ...2009.03.25 13:20:00
- Its one of the best pvp frigates out there ...2009.03.09 14:28:00
- light drone damage is the only good covop ship bonus worth having. helios is the only ship that can ...2009.03.09 13:03:00
- I test bugs too, some actually taste pretty good. Tried a sundried worm? a bit salty. ...2009.02.26 12:16:00

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