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- So, many think it is autonomous programme, and say to me "make the petition".I say, WHY?If it is thi ...2010.12.07 15:21:00
- This part can easily be explained or at least provide a possible reason, all 4 probably know each ot ...2010.12.07 15:07:00
- You should not assume that anyone in a system too long or has been mining too long are bots.I spent ...2010.12.07 14:36:00
- It means that someone is remaining in the system for a large period of time, without leaving it, and ...2010.12.07 14:21:00
- I don't know what to 'suspect' as you say.It is that the statistics are very odd, and I simply wish ...2010.12.07 14:17:00
- I am trying to learn, so please don't beat me up. I like to analyze data. Traffic patterns, systems ...2010.12.07 14:10:00
- Most I have ever seen is +5.01, now comes this fellow YURECZ showing off at +5.9How he get that so h ...2010.12.07 12:26:00
- There's nothing that will get your blood pumping quite as fast as being behind an 18 wheeler on the ...2010.12.02 20:07:00
- Sigh.Yet another lie in the quote "Player Driven Economy".Thanks for the answer. ...2010.12.01 15:02:00
- Edited by: Bad Princess on 01/12/2010 14:41:12 I live in wh class 6. There is no more dangerous pla ...2010.12.01 14:40:00
- What assembly array is used to build other assembly arrays in space at a POS? ...2010.12.01 14:27:00
- Looking for some sage ( rosemary, thyme, whatever ) advice from someone who is actually doing the ba ...2010.11.30 17:01:00
- At least he didn't inquire as to the terminal air speed velocity of a coconut laden sparrow......... ...2010.11.02 16:59:00
- I really love eve. I think it’s the greatest computer game ever. However… Why do you blame the ga ...2010.11.02 16:44:00
- Its astounding.Time is fleeting.MadnessTakes its toll............................ ...2010.11.02 16:41:00

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