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- 1 for Jack Soul please ...2010.09.20 20:26:00
- - Dump hundreds of wardecs in one fell swoop so goonies can move to new region... Check - Make it e ...2010.02.03 10:55:00
- Right, my last post was somewhat in charactor... showing how a PC gamer lifestyle does not have so m ...2009.10.24 03:40:00
- I just watched the trailer. It didn't give much idea of the gameplay but the settings look right for ...2009.10.23 11:44:00
- This bug-package is giving a war target significant logistics advantage at a critical point in time. ...2009.05.14 17:16:00
- Some other bugs of note: -People coming to and jumping thru gate without being on overview or causi ...2009.05.14 17:02:00
- Edited by: Buck Starchaser on 14/05/2009 16:19:12 Currently the gate cloak (or any other cloak for ...2009.05.14 16:15:00
- I just tested this. You apparently can't re-cloak or use an MWD after the gate cloak for a few secon ...2009.05.14 15:51:00
- Myself and people I've been talking to recently noticed a possible change in invention recently... ...2009.03.07 07:22:00
- Has anyone thought to run pingplotter at the same time as a fleet fight? I reckon the IP you'd b ...2009.02.26 02:35:00
- Edited by: Buck Starchaser on 23/02/2009 16:39:35 I have 2 questions. 1) If I can get a logserve ...2009.02.23 16:31:00
- Yes, the paladins should also be able to bubble-hearth. ...2009.01.07 18:27:00
- Edited by: Buck Starchaser on 07/01/2009 18:16:51 Quotes are from tiirae from Huzzah"and they know ...2009.01.07 18:09:00
- First off, please adhere to the no flaming policy on this forum.More importantly, since you brought ...2009.01.02 14:21:00
- Edited by: Buck Starchaser on 29/10/2008 12:45:50 THIS IS JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLE BULL****!!! CCP YO ...2008.10.29 12:31:00

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