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- ahh yes. I've said this many times. Don't drink and fly.I once logged on after a night of doing some ...2009.11.18 15:29:00
- To answer your question, we can't. We all suck. ...2009.11.05 00:46:00
- I'd just like the ones working on caldari to go symmetrical already.amen ...2009.10.30 13:48:00
- Edited by: Anhur Shu on 30/10/2009 01:43:56 That right there! That's what the planetary interaction ...2009.10.30 01:38:00
- well given incarna is probably gunna be the big June expansion lets aim for dust somewhere around Au ...2009.10.20 13:59:00
- Edited by: Zartanic on 17/10/2009 19:35:45There are certain posts that I tend to jump on, especially ...2009.10.18 13:39:00
- ading any local in EVE is kind of like 'Barrens' chat in there's something I haven' ...2009.10.17 03:35:00
- /facepalm ...2009.10.16 18:47:00
- well I'm not sure then. I'd still head to the bank and ask them. ...2009.10.07 14:18:00
- Have you tried using the card for anything else today? You might need to physically go to one of you ...2009.10.07 14:14:00
- backpacking around the country in an old van.Contradiction alert!!!Look, you're either backpacking, ...2009.10.07 13:19:00
- They should start over, from the beginning!I want mechs in EVE! Seems appropriate, and logical, anyw ...2009.10.07 12:43:00
- Edited by: Anhur Shu on 07/10/2009 12:33:13 Will those people who suffer from this snobbery be quit ...2009.10.07 12:33:00
- your "example" doesn't fit your logic.following your logic, you'd join the army & "grind" for your g ...2009.10.07 12:24:00
- I wonder if you distinguish between carebear (tear-filled safety blanket hugger) and industrialist ( ...2009.10.06 21:52:00

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