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- The Pure part of the reaction is not produced via a blueprint, Kesshisan. It's a Simple Biochemical ...2011.09.07 11:10:00
- Edited by: Kesshisan on 07/09/2011 09:03:06 S&I Resource Thread, "the sticky one", contains this li ...2011.09.07 08:59:00
- Also remember that you don't need to buy a full set of +5s to get the full benefits. If you are cur ...2011.09.07 06:13:00
- I've done a little research, and I believe I need the following items:Something from a gas cloud Ga ...2011.09.07 06:08:00
- Wouldn't it be best to try to contact the CEO of the offending corporation and see if they are even ...2011.09.07 05:56:00
- Dude. What?The bonus only works in ONE specific scenario: When there is an active SHIELD hardener o ...2011.09.06 17:56:00
- Drones drop drone bits. With the proper reprocessing skills you can refine them into minerals.As an ...2011.09.06 17:47:00
- and i dont have an extender because of 2 reasons, PG is almost maxed with this as it isShield extend ...2011.09.06 07:42:00
- Try using copy to clipboard, not export as xml.That doesn't have nearly enough EHP to survive in an ...2011.09.06 07:21:00
- Edited by: Kesshisan on 03/09/2011 20:33:58 Is there where I sign up to get a free battlecruiser? ...2011.09.03 20:34:00
- Level 3s will go by so fast if you have the right ship for it.Any ship that can run L4s and is a BC ...2011.09.03 08:02:00
- My Scimitar requires some powergrid boosting to fit everything. Each time I log on my Shield Extend ...2011.09.03 07:56:00
- Came expecting at least something funny - left disappointed. Could say that he scammed us by implyi ...2011.09.03 04:32:00
- If you're not cap stable with 1 repper, 2 reppers is not going to do you any better.If you're cap st ...2011.09.03 03:57:00
- A sensor booster and signal amplifier are both modules which will increase your targeting range. Th ...2011.09.03 03:51:00

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