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- Rapyract,143,28,82,34,91,54,76 ...2011.07.30 17:33:00
- Seems to me that high speed connections should be reward enough in themselves.But then I'm the guy w ...2011.07.05 10:57:00
- Looking at your face, you could use a monocle... Or two... ...2011.06.30 16:02:00
- CCP are on my list, but first I have to make my daily thank-you call to my telephone company, the wa ...2011.06.30 12:11:00
- According to the Wikipedia article linked by OP, one of the character writes his "learnings" (blech! ...2011.06.30 11:51:00
- Edited by: Rapyract on 30/06/2011 07:36:50 Edited by: Rapyract on 30/06/2011 07:36:24...CSMs have b ...2011.06.30 07:35:00
- -4Not happy with CQ and less than thrilled with MT, but mainly trying to prevent hassles with my cre ...2011.06.30 06:08:00
- x CCP, your reach has well exceeded your grasp yet again. ...2011.06.22 07:59:00
- I haven't attempted anything complicated since the patch, largely because of what I've read in this ...2011.06.02 16:21:00
- Wow. An industrial ship intended to encourage me to take up PI. How impressive.As for the fan-boys w ...2010.06.25 18:15:00
- ...You need to be prepared for heavy neuting and the risks of flying in low-sec.In other words, you ...2010.06.16 20:29:00
- "rorqual (have not injected cap skillbook yet)"Yeah, and my 50,000 SP alt can fly a Titan (after inj ...2010.06.16 07:16:00
- thx, convo me ingame when convenient. ...2010.05.03 11:36:00
- I will accept your bid at 5Bill as meets the reserve. I can be online after D/Time for transfer. ...2010.05.03 11:19:00
- 2.5hrs til sale over, 4.4 highest bid, better be quick. ...2010.05.03 08:21:00

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