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- HYDRA ...2011.06.19 20:52:00
- I'm lazy, I don't want to move my fingers away from the F keys while I'm killing NPCs. ;) ...2011.02.02 16:50:00
- It'll be awesome when you forget which setting you have, and accidentally end up dividing your ammo ...2011.02.02 16:47:00
- Suicide gank them. If the drones are set to aggressive they won't get kill rights, and you won't tak ...2011.02.02 11:26:00
- I would find it most convenient if a double click in any empty area of a container (or possibly just ...2011.02.02 10:26:00
- Also, there should be some way of sheilding a bay or a can so they can't see everything they want to ...2011.02.02 10:20:00
- What about PI in w-space ? Will there be orbiting planetary customs office's ? Or how will we be abl ...2010.05.31 06:17:00
- VERY SIMPLE QUESTION:There is a column on the extractor interface that is labeled "Resource Depletes ...2010.05.27 15:01:00
- Perhaps they should start banning people on Tranquility for breaking the rules on Sisi, so people wo ...2010.05.21 13:18:00
- Made a bug report. ...2010.05.21 13:09:00
- This was the first time I logged in on Sisi in ages, so I've got nothing to compare to. ...2010.05.21 12:31:00
- Edited by: HeadWar on 21/05/2010 12:00:39 Whenever I try to create a route from an extractor to an ...2010.05.21 11:57:00
- First page in epic thread!Oh, and IBTL. ...2008.01.29 17:24:00
- I can confirm that the constellation fuel use bonus is properly applied, but not shown in the POS in ...2008.01.25 23:43:00
- Also, until there is a way to enter CPU and PG use of the towers, it would be handy if you could cop ...2008.01.24 15:02:00

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