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- ...are we at some point getting a (somewhat) professional game hosting again?looking back at the las ...2011.07.15 15:54:00
- I want to see this feature but I'm not sure if I really need it for x1.5 price (alt on another accou ...2011.06.28 12:25:00
- No.CCP is many things, but they are not dumb enough to shoot themselves in the Wallet...They got rid ...2011.06.28 12:21:00
- Edited by: ZenZorZar on 28/06/2011 12:17:40 Extra storage space, admin type purchase, tend to go ov ...2011.06.28 12:16:00
- err...If you paid a plex to have a second character doing simultaneous training...Why wouldn't you j ...2011.06.28 12:05:00
- You mean like this thread here : ...2011.06.28 12:01:00
- well yes =)that is a diffrent topic tho, we are allready able to make more then one account, however ...2011.06.28 11:54:00
- ...just thought about if i would be willing to pay for training train more then one char per account ...2011.06.28 11:49:00
- What would you be willing to do to make CCP more profitable? I am willing to show them where they c ...2011.06.28 00:19:00
- These CCP guys making decisions are causing problems for eve. The only people who can really fix it, ...2011.06.26 05:30:00
- to all the non-decision making CCP guys ...2011.06.25 18:35:00
- Edited by: ZenZorZar on 05/06/2011 13:05:58 Edited by: ZenZorZar on 05/06/2011 13:05:27 ...just pl ...2011.06.05 13:04:00
- Planetary resources showing as 0. This can be fixed by clearing your cache.Nope, doesn't help.http:/ ...2011.05.31 20:52:00
- ...pi is unuseablei dont even got workds for all those fckups*click for short vid* ...2011.05.31 20:43:00
- I'm guessing a bit bigger than 30mb. Much bigger, but we'll know soon enough! What's the matter Miil ...2011.05.19 00:28:00

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