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- Isk's is transferred, mail was sent. Thank you for waiting)Transfer started. ...2011.04.18 16:27:00
- Edited by: Tzar''rim on 18/04/2011 16:01:06 . ...2011.04.18 16:01:00
- Was very much my bed time, sorry about that :)Send me the amount, mail me the account name please an ...2011.04.18 07:25:00
- Anyone wanting to bid more is welcome, if not goes to current highest bid but he's not online. ...2011.04.17 22:03:00
- 2 remaps available, also has 2 JC's: set of +4 and +3I've updated OP, also reserve not met so keep b ...2011.04.17 15:33:00
- How about me ...2011.04.17 09:12:00
- To the top. Forgot to add that there's no kill rights. ...2011.04.16 19:44:00
- I still have sound on and music as well, even after all these years. ...2011.04.16 06:59:00
- Edited by: Tzar''rim on 17/04/2011 15:34:16 Main focus is Minmatar with amarr and some Gallente thr ...2011.04.15 13:43:00
- You will always have some amount of shield, it won't be a whole lot but everything helps. So even fo ...2011.02.18 08:35:00
- Having extra shield and shield regen is always handy to have, so I wouldn't train it right away but ...2011.02.18 01:04:00
- Passive shield Cane works just fine unless you do blood raiders or Sansha ...2011.02.17 17:30:00
- I still care because every time I lose a ship it means I did something wrong/stupid, and I HATE stup ...2011.02.17 10:44:00
- Edited by: Tzar''rim on 17/02/2011 09:14:51 Just making sure all angles are covered: Being evil in ...2011.02.17 08:45:00
- Trading in things is about having an understanding on prices in different areas and the need for a p ...2011.02.17 08:33:00

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