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- It seems to me jump bridges are more of a problem to EVE than a help.Jump bridge Good points would b ...2010.07.06 19:29:00
- Our space had an SBU dropped, so naturally we are going to run home, since sadly everyone doesnt log ...2010.04.18 19:10:00
- truncated content ...2009.12.12 18:41:00
- truncated content ...2009.12.07 19:12:00
- indeed ...2009.11.29 15:27:00
- Wow after reading the replies to the post..I am aghast that everyone just accepts this and are sides ...2008.09.28 11:44:00
- So you attack TRI because you think they would make bad neighbours, did you think it might have been ...2008.08.24 11:36:00
- 1 to popinjay plz ...2008.07.18 20:20:00
- 1 for this char plz ...2008.07.18 20:11:00
- The part that doesn't make sense is the part where we're all devs...I never said you were all devs. ...2008.07.13 11:56:00
- Don't assume 1 big mouth means the alliance hates you :pIgnore him wildcat, we've got a whole PL for ...2008.07.10 23:50:00
- truncated content ...2008.06.09 17:47:00
- Looks like TRI have learned (as others have in the past) what happens when you let carebears make po ...2008.05.13 01:24:00
- Prediction: DORM keeps all of their ships in s-d and attempts to join whatever alliance tries to co ...2008.05.13 00:23:00
- There are very few Ceo's and allaince leaders in eve i have had the pleasure to work with , who alwa ...2008.05.11 16:37:00

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