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- Edited by: Adonis Peverell on 27/07/2011 22:35:18 Talking of unscrupulous practices, the free Aurum ...2011.07.27 23:08:00
- Talking of unscrupulous practices, the free Aurum you are giving out unscrupulously forces players t ...2011.07.27 22:31:00
- -2 accts............. ...2011.07.27 13:48:00
- Gotta throw this in here:"This we have done after months of research by a group of highly competent ...2011.07.16 12:58:00
- I need to know if my account will be deleted after a certain time period or if CCP preserve accoun ...2011.07.16 12:21:00
- Pretty soon there will be banners hanging in the fail CQ and in the fail hanger advertising this cra ...2011.07.16 12:16:00
- truncated content ...2011.07.15 23:48:00
- Ok, first off, i have read quite a few posts on this forum and I've seen rage from people and I don' ...2011.07.15 22:09:00
- Read the backstory, you are naked as the day you were born in the pod. It's that easy.Read the back ...2011.07.15 13:54:00
- The CSM, with the exception of two members, is irked at the idea of high value ores being mined in l ...2011.07.14 17:14:00
- What people who want these items to be BPC related fail to realize is that it opens yet another door ...2011.07.14 02:04:00
- CCP has to be smarter than this... they have to be.I had that thought a thousand times. Each time i ...2011.07.13 15:01:00
- What ccp actually said in their statement was:"It is CCP‘s plan that the Noble Exchange (NeX store) ...2011.07.13 13:51:00
- If your eyes are giving up on you, it's time to get out of Eve and do better things, buddy. Life is ...2011.07.13 00:33:00
- Edited by: Vandrion on 12/07/2011 23:45:23 Edited by: Jasdemi on 12/07/2011 20:46:53 Why not just ...2011.07.12 23:43:00

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