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- Will trade you the alliance Band of Brothers for this.Hey screw you buddy this alliance is mine ...2011.08.03 10:10:00
- It would be funny as hell if packed mission hubs started getting dilated and the farmers suddenly fo ...2011.04.22 19:04:00
- Yeah, that was what I expected from this CSM.The CSM personally destroyed the new forums, you heard ...2011.04.12 23:28:00
- Band-aid for the blob-monkeys lag whines is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about ...2011.04.11 18:33:00
- All we need is for Free Kartoon to be a reality so we can take over Delve under the original Band of ...2011.04.02 15:14:00
- Edited by: Shobon Welp on 21/03/2011 07:34:44 why is this thread not locked for spamming? ...2011.03.21 07:35:00
- I was also the mastermind behind the 'Bee Gone' campaign to rid the game of Goonfleet. Judge the su ...2011.03.09 23:26:00
- This is silly.New Zealand is a wealthy developed nation, it is perfectly capable of looking after th ...2011.03.08 08:19:00
- If, when thinking about the consequences of your untimely death, the thought of 'oh no what about my ...2011.03.07 13:44:00
- least inspiring candidacy thread ever? ...2011.03.06 00:05:00
- Where did CCP state that Dust is 'a higher priority' than EVE? Link to a specific quote please. ...2011.03.02 23:32:00
- as long as it costs around 500 million (definitely not less than 400) then I have no problems with t ...2011.03.01 07:47:00
- this is a good threadneeds more though ...2011.02.28 18:18:00
- pity reply ...2011.02.28 00:14:00
- So your candidacy is based on removing the sandbox because you think some groups are playing in it t ...2011.02.22 22:31:00

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