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- Hi everyoneI tried to get the typeIDs of the resources of a celestial object but could not find it. ...2011.08.11 16:51:00
- ... in late but ... people still use delphi? wtfThere are still people using Windows XP, so why are ...2011.07.17 20:03:00
- Osku Rei - As I said in the blog post: I don't have a degree in computer science (so I'm not even su ...2011.07.17 19:57:00
- Quarantan is right, it's a bug in the API service. Did someone create a bug report? ...2011.07.15 21:36:00
- Why don't you want to send mails through the API? I already get a lot of mails with "self-confidence ...2011.07.15 21:29:00
- I use a very simple algorithm, posted it on my blogUses PHP but can easily be ported to any other la ...2011.07.15 21:23:00
- I like Hel O'Weens approach: Allow only changes that affect a players own character. No other player ...2011.07.15 13:55:00
- Yep, changing things is a sensitive topic, but I think updating the skill queue, sending mails to co ...2011.07.14 13:37:00
- iconID refers to the eveIcons table, which has a iconFile column. This is the name of the actual ico ...2011.07.14 13:27:00
- 1) Try to find character names locally first, eg.: a killboard. You could also add a simple brute f ...2011.07.12 06:56:00
- I can recommend EVE Mentat as well, works great. Just follow the link Bado Roul posted. Unfortunatl ...2011.07.09 20:35:00
- I did not create any apps using the wallet yet, but I can confirm this behaviour. It does not allow ...2011.07.09 20:31:00
- At first I was convinced, that the IGB was the problem, because a curl -H "EVE-CHARNAME: Trenker" -H ...2011.07.09 20:28:00
- Afaik they are up to date, but you can easily check yourself: Add the following into a php file an ...2011.07.08 16:03:00
- Which app do you mean? The author cannot help you without knowing you are talking to him. If it is ...2011.07.08 15:55:00

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