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- So where is this exactly ? ;) ...2011.07.27 12:30:00
- Rivqua,12,17,20,34,61,91,108,121 ...2011.07.24 14:55:00
- epic ...2011.07.24 02:06:00
- You guys do realise that all this whining is misdirected. Microsoft does not allow this type of inte ...2011.06.20 11:21:00
- I do miss this functinality daily! ...2011.06.17 14:57:00
- Regarding the new "Agent Finder".In the filter, can we have a checkmark "Show only locator agents" p ...2011.06.05 08:27:00
- Hello!Currently on SISI, the Show Info - Agent / Corp / Faction standings tab is missing (only leavi ...2011.05.11 06:40:00
- Any chance we can have a comprehensive list of ways to search for modules and ships, with all the po ...2011.02.16 12:28:00
- All kills I've had today have had really low damage numbers (multiple Bcs reporting ~1000 damage ta ...2011.02.15 22:30:00
- First ?When can we expect a fix for the recently introduced bug "Fleet window grows each time you ma ...2011.02.15 12:58:00
- When can we expect a fix for the newly introduced bug "Fleet window grows each time you make the fle ...2011.02.15 11:46:00
- Agreed, but it would be nice to have them acknowledge it after so many people reported it. ...2011.01.28 23:56:00
- Why was the freeze overview on CTRL removed ?Why does the overview once more lag with ghosting ships ...2011.01.28 23:23:00
- Edited by: Karia Sur on 27/01/2011 19:41:19 What sort of time-frame are we talking about before Sha ...2011.01.27 19:54:00
- I think I answered this here.But to repeatTo remove neutral or no standing pilots from the overview: ...2011.01.27 19:45:00

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