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- I came ...2010.11.25 21:49:00
- I died.Bonus points for rhaegor dying ...2010.11.21 11:23:00
- Running over Glaswegians is a good thing! It's just as well you have the anonymity of the internet ...2010.09.16 21:45:00
- I wanna be a fricking bad.... etc etc.Firstly, I'd be mad that I hadn't made 4 fig ...2010.09.06 19:41:00
- Eve is a hard game. There is no question about that and it generally requires people to do alot of r ...2010.09.06 19:27:00
- MY PIZZA WAS FIT WITH THE FOLLOWING Deep Pan Base II Expanded Base Diameter II Expanded Base D ...2010.09.01 18:19:00
- we cant make money to stay in 0.0some guys tried ratting, but they covert cyno fleets in and cyno in ...2010.09.01 17:06:00
- Wait, I spotted it! I spotted it!! \/You forgot to put a DOT at the end of your name!!! lol you sill ...2010.08.28 08:26:00
- Happy birthday guys \:D/ Good to see people from God's own country, have a bru on me ...2010.08.08 12:26:00
- Yo this is near me.I'll buy stuff from you at 60% of Jita price. ...2010.08.03 23:27:00
- I always knew we were your number one priority!!! You were just trolling all the empire guys! <3 ...2010.07.29 20:28:00
- congrats to havoc, you achieved one thing in 2 years. You fotm through like 100 alliances and killed ...2010.07.13 20:23:00
- Akemi and Airdefense, two great guys. Congrats'wut? ...2010.07.13 20:00:00
- Worst corp and CEO in eve! You've also got me Anyways, toot toot! ...2010.07.13 17:14:00
- Yesterday I podded somebody fully knowing he would lose skillpoints. Was it evil? YesWas I a comple ...2010.07.01 11:53:00

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