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- I never tried FW but hear people saying it's fun. When it comes to piracy - I tried it and since the ...2009.04.30 14:47:00
- I strongly disagree!Oh wait - I don't Please CCP, I think this is one of the easiest fixes and it wo ...2009.04.30 14:38:00
- I killed a shuttles yesterday, and a noobfrig.Proof or it never happened Hi Tim btw ...2009.04.30 11:59:00
- Solution 1) Alts Solution 2) Courier contract Solution 3) Have someone create a losec carebear cor ...2009.04.30 11:26:00
- Nicely written!More of that stuff please ...2009.04.29 17:52:00
- Yes, I'm a killmail ***** - at least when the vicitim is not going to pay me.Now that we got that ou ...2009.04.29 16:48:00
- Hey, I'm talking about doing something usefull for the faction you're working for, you don't get it ...2009.04.29 16:11:00
- - Remove the random docking distance to stations and random docking. Countless times I say dock at ...2009.04.29 15:19:00
- Stealth bombers are pretty evil now and you don't even need recons to lock down the target, a couple ...2009.04.29 14:43:00
- I was wondering if any one in this fine forum has noticed the increase in this crappy tactic? If so ...2009.04.29 14:27:00
- (PROTIP: Fit a MWD to control range.)Use: Highsec PvP, most often in deadspaces.(PROTIP: You got no ...2009.04.29 13:12:00
- Wardecs are working as intended.Eventually the wardec mechanics could be explained in the tutorial. ...2009.04.29 11:17:00
- The only way of immunity to scrams disabling MWD's that I could imagine is fitting a warp core stab. ...2009.04.29 09:04:00
- But... But... Drones! Then fly a Vexor! It is one of the most powerful cruisers in game.You're o ...2009.04.28 17:14:00
- I cannot be bothered becoming obscenely rich.I'm busy having fun shooting people Those Dyspro moon ...2009.04.28 17:06:00

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