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- Edited by: Sergeant Spot on 31/08/2011 16:21:24The ONLY thing you need to remember about Goons:If on ...2011.08.31 16:20:00
- Edited by: Sergeant Spot on 28/08/2011 21:30:58 A two part radical suggestion:1. Assign each charac ...2011.08.28 21:28:00
- Road Trip:Lisbon Portugal to Key West in Florida. (or for real fun, Lisbon to Buenos Aires in Argent ...2011.08.28 18:51:00
- I've worked in Emergency Management in hurricane subject regions for 18 years.While prediction is be ...2011.08.28 18:44:00
- Will Eve still exist in 10 years?I hope so.When I first started, one of my thoughts was "I wonder ho ...2011.08.09 17:08:00
- Cross training for multiple races is 'eventually' very wise (and as more characters get older, more ...2011.08.06 05:46:00
- Edited by: Sergeant Spot on 05/08/2011 22:07:42 Only thing I wanna know is how much well aged rum t ...2011.08.05 22:07:00
- A lot of what would be defined as 'new content' is not needed. Seriously not needed.And I'm not tal ...2011.07.26 17:11:00
- I'm mostly a bear, but have dabbled in many aspects of the game, including pvp. The core lesson I'v ...2011.07.26 17:01:00
- There are players who will complained about subscription cost when the Euro gains over the Dollar.Th ...2011.07.12 16:39:00
- I played a lot of table top WoD back from the mid 90s, up till 2001.I've played a number of table to ...2011.07.08 03:49:00
- In reply to the OP:If you have fun doing high sec mining every day, then you are playing Eve CORRECT ...2011.07.08 03:34:00
- If, in the course of life, you can't handle that other people have differing drives and objectives, ...2011.07.07 00:45:00
- OP is a moron.While there were many complaints in the recent protests, the ONE, ONLY, LONE 'core com ...2011.07.07 00:38:00
- It stopped because the bulk of us didnt want none vanity items. CCP has now said the will not go dow ...2011.07.05 04:41:00

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