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- NOT DEAD AFTER ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!1The CCP Shader 3.0 utility incorrectly identified my system as inco ...2011.04.01 17:03:00
- Nice I guess I'm done with EVE. I really enjoy the game but I play from my laptop and I can't CHANGE ...2011.04.01 03:49:00
- So, which video are you running for the yuppie youth of Atlanta. I checked the theater listing and ...2010.12.10 04:36:00
- Looks like this thread has been around a while but...I am in Atlanta (Brookhaven). If there is a pub ...2010.11.25 11:39:00
- Here is a little more detail on a particular window re-size problem...If you are in space and redu ...2010.10.01 16:59:00

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