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- If you really want to see the aurora itīs better to improve your chances and go later in the year.Wa ...2008.05.30 15:08:00
- Theres alot of things (and people) we want to do in Iceland. The Aurora is just one of them ...2008.05.29 20:42:00
- Me and a lady friend are going to be traveling across Europe next year around late September, early ...2008.05.27 17:36:00
- Germany recently changed its tax laws, so he'll have problems raising money from now on. They used ...2008.04.08 22:20:00
- Damn, I just made a post about the same thing.whoops. ...2008.04.08 21:05:00
- I DVR'd it, havent watched it yet, but I'm not too thrilled so far based on what Ive seen.First off, ...2008.02.21 15:32:00
- Proper Use for a Stealth Bomber? 1. Fly to Empire 2. Drop a can with loot 3. Cloak 4. Wait for ...2008.02.07 22:56:00
- Edited by: Natasha Kerensky on 04/12/2007 04:13:48 SO heres the deal, I need to employ the services ...2007.12.04 04:10:00
- Please stop giving your Outposts stupid smacktalk names like: "We ownzor your bases"It really ruins ...2007.10.22 02:13:00
- Reign of FireI thought the movie was AWESOME for about the first hour, then it totally fell apart. ...2007.08.30 18:28:00
- Edited by: Natasha Kerensky on 30/08/2007 12:34:10 I think the Moros's insane dronebonus is going t ...2007.08.30 12:32:00
- Been studying the Venusian Arts for almost 3 years now, it completely changed my life for the better ...2007.08.29 06:42:00
- surereally? ...2007.08.28 17:38:00
- Are level 5s in the game yet? ...2007.08.28 13:21:00

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