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- /signedThis also needs to be applied to construction quotes/prompts. They go modal, and then if you ...2006.09.04 07:33:00
- The site does still see traffic; but to be honest I have stopped advertising and pushing it so hard. ...2006.08.28 04:35:00
- Locking down BPOs is the best way that I know of to do this and yet keep the BPO useable.Note that s ...2006.07.29 17:00:00
- Personally I agree, Dutarro -- I had the same experience as you, reading the section. Global auctio ...2006.07.28 16:21:00
- Now that the petitions are viewable through the web (links are in the petition e-mail, IIRC); that w ...2006.07.28 00:10:00
- Edited by: Sorai on 27/07/2006 23:47:04 I post this in a response to the recent dev-blog regarding ...2006.07.27 23:45:00
- Well, technically it does cost ISK to declare a war -- it's just that the cost itself is a pittance, ...2006.07.27 16:21:00
- Edited by: Sorai on 27/07/2006 04:26:32 If the aggressor cannot find a corp to kill someone once ev ...2006.07.27 04:24:00
- This post is oriented towards cutting down on abuses of the war system, but leaving 'real' wars alon ...2006.07.26 18:26:00
- This auction will be over momentarily (3h) and the bid is still 901m. ...2006.07.24 01:08:00
- This auction is still running -- current bid is 901m. ...2006.07.22 00:06:00
- Auction Location: Asesamy VI - Moon 13 - Tash-Murkon Family Academy (Sec 0.6) Auction Start: 04:49: ...2006.07.20 00:45:00
- Where do you go to trade?Normally the actual trade is done through the Escrow system Alyxm. ...2006.07.14 02:37:00
- "Registration requires the IGB"will there ever be proxy settings for the igb? ó_̉Sorry that it requi ...2006.07.06 02:34:00
- Very glad that you find it better -- no worries about the in-game notification I just wanted to see ...2006.07.04 05:03:00

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