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- Edited by: IronGoldenEagle on 13/06/2011 03:05:53 the chillness of Delve is being broken. emergency ...2011.06.13 02:49:00
- Unnerf itReluctant cuz I like the idea behind it, but ruins any chance for smaller alliances to buil ...2011.04.17 04:56:00
- Much <3 all around to IT folks, had a great time ^-^obviously not THAT greatI mean this in the nices ...2011.01.24 22:58:00
- Much <3 all around to IT folks, had a great time ^-^obviously not THAT great ...2011.01.24 20:23:00
- I'll extend a possible offer after a chat and some kb stats. Until then here's our killboard http:// ...2011.01.21 00:35:00
- Hey m8, you are exactly what we are looking for. We are AU/US tz alliance pewing in Fountain and Clo ...2011.01.18 03:07:00
- Rico is gonna yell at me but C0NIVCTED is an AU primary alliance, The New Era is the founding corp ...2011.01.18 03:00:00
- Bumping the whole alliance, been having a great time ...2011.01.05 05:48:00
- Bump cuz i can ...2011.01.05 05:17:00
- 'sup, IronGoldenEage and Rico Minali? Still chaining reds to our fleets How's it with you? ...2010.12.29 21:13:00
- At first I thought convicted was fighting back to troll everybody. Not going quietly into the good n ...2010.12.29 13:44:00
- I think it's funny how you got kicked out of HUZZAH Federation and now your new alliance is too terr ...2010.12.28 12:05:00
- Great fights today RAGE/DH! The best part was we won them all. ...2010.12.27 12:39:00
- We've wanted to shoot RAGE and DH since we moved here ...2010.12.26 14:32:00
- This is as personal as it gets...what are we fighting over again? ...2010.12.26 12:07:00

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