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- Useless and homeless people of dead alliance leaded by failure leaders like mittani/karttoon/zastrow ...2010.02.05 11:03:00
- Honestly............ You deserved it goonies. ...2010.02.03 23:30:00
- So it seems that GoonSwarm have decided to move to Cloud Ring?Curious when they start invasion aga ...2010.02.02 18:54:00
- Didn't u just lose the game? Mostly men with small peepees don't go around showing them off, mostl ...2009.12.10 13:56:00
- If so many systems are gone why isn't IT or anyone else showing up on the map in fountain?Camping lo ...2009.12.09 11:04:00
- Er, why do you think most of us have been laughing at PL for the last 6 months or so? Finding out th ...2009.12.04 11:43:00
- After Delve War II, most PL wanted to PvP without having a huge nap list, however shadoo wanted a ...2009.12.04 11:16:00
- so it seems that guy named Shadoo whoever he is, have some influences and because of his decision, p ...2009.12.04 11:06:00
- Never ever heard of a company or country hit the disband button, why dont you tell that to the aus ...2009.11.30 10:31:00
- I have some good ideas as to the **** storm that is about to hit eve, any good posts of epic lol'ful ...2009.11.30 05:58:00
- Pandemic Legion as a Razor rentiers, Goons as gallente militia after dominion? c/d ...2009.11.29 05:10:00
- Also, I can confirm that isk is a huge blow to PL, who is wheeling at just how incredibly poor we ar ...2009.11.28 09:15:00
- Pandemic Legion, a mistery of science and a real paradox. People as smart as they shouldn't be eve ...2009.11.28 09:07:00
- Edited by: Young Dorothy on 28/11/2009 04:37:22 Has it come to anyone else's attention that We form ...2009.11.28 04:36:00
- sieging with like 15 guys in euro prime time without a backup planand suddenly your mom wakes you ...2009.11.26 17:38:00

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