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- Edited by: Ms *****cat on 15/12/2009 05:47:07 As a scientist and pragmatic: Gonna assume by the fa ...2009.12.15 05:44:00
- Edited by: Ms *****cat on 14/12/2009 09:02:19 I bet ya if you cry enough and threaten to leave the ...2009.12.14 09:02:00
- You should also take into your consideration the relative efficiency of moon mining operations in th ...2009.12.01 15:12:00
- Can you make it so you don't loose skills when you loose a T3 ship on SiSi? It makes testing subsyst ...2009.11.27 21:46:00
- Korsiki is popular, if it's still homebase for EVE University. Which it isn't, but thanks for chimi ...2009.11.27 19:26:00
- Edited by: Ms *****cat on 27/11/2009 19:06:19 speaking long-term, of course, as short-term we might ...2009.11.27 19:06:00
- Um, yer missing a racial frigate V for your covops... ...2009.11.26 03:42:00
- Let me guess, the name D00M. was already taken by a real PVP corp? ...2009.11.13 04:51:00
- Its called choice. You can choose to use the minerals for a new T1 Battlecruiser,etc. or choose to ...2009.11.11 20:32:00
- What do you guys think of this?About as bad of an idea as when you used to be able to destroy star ...2009.11.10 08:36:00
- Three things.1) If he speaks multiple languages, chances are he is smart, not dumb.2) Just kill the ...2009.10.30 00:34:00
- This thread is now about Russians. ...2009.10.27 22:09:00
- You sound clueless, so i'll point you towards Goonswarm ...2009.08.24 21:12:00
- and what about nullsec? no containers for you! Hence why the station warehouse bpo is npc seeded... ...2009.08.15 10:17:00
- How bout you name your reserve so we aren't all just wasting our time? ...2009.08.11 08:49:00

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