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- I hate you, now I have to buy a curse but they always die when I fly them :'( I am a terribad pilot ...2010.09.14 08:12:00
- This is pretty good :) looking forward to the full vid ...2010.08.11 10:24:00
- i dont appear to be having the skill problem, but i am having the evemon crash everytime it starts, ...2010.05.27 01:54:00
- both havens and sanctums escalate to 10/10, ive seen them with my own eyes, havens do not escalate t ...2010.05.20 20:59:00
- also, i think its 1800 seconds not that many ;p its 30 minutes, with a skill that makes it longer ...2010.05.17 21:19:00
- Covert ops, forced recons, T3 with covert reconfig, and stealth bombers can all warp cloaked.You mis ...2010.05.17 21:14:00
- i think "taken out" means dualboxing, like whats the largest amount of characters being run by one p ...2010.05.17 20:34:00
- even with scorch you probably wouldnt win, the cane would just run away (if he was a good pilot), bu ...2010.05.17 20:27:00
- thats my standard harbinger fit, ecm drones do work, but i usually carry vespas because its extremel ...2010.05.17 20:22:00
- it is very possible to beat a drake with a binger, ive done it a few times, again its not easy, but ...2010.05.17 20:11:00
- i find when this happens i clear my cache from within eve ... (escape -> reset settings -> clear all ...2010.05.16 13:40:00
- i agree, some planets are difficult to see the text, and the overlay has a slider, i dont think i ha ...2010.05.16 12:36:00
- i agree, and while your at it move "bridge to" and "jump to" farther apart, as well as "show info" a ...2010.05.16 12:04:00
- hmm third party? :p free bump ...2010.05.15 06:46:00
- hehe yea i know, but they were given so we could practice for ally tourny, ally tourny hasnt happene ...2010.05.15 06:33:00

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