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- No one cares, reported for reopening a locked thread.If your so miserable that you can't stand someo ...2011.07.06 16:01:00
- The hamsters went on strike for not receiving free monocles. I'm sure CCP's PR guys are making a dea ...2011.07.06 15:47:00
- This is why people need to leave the **** sites alone! ...2011.07.04 17:05:00
- People need to realize, your going to be held accountable for your actions. Whether it was in the mo ...2011.07.04 17:00:00
- I want skill points for PLEX, I want to be one of the cool kids! Anyone seen a can of sarcasm around ...2011.07.04 16:48:00
- NeX ran out of monocles, after the emergency summit, people went into a frenzy to have one. ...2011.07.04 16:45:00
- One galaxy, different dimensions? If your going to play Sci-Fi go all the way out to left field. Or, ...2011.07.04 16:43:00
- The next expansion will be Muppets in Space. The propaganda behind it, If we can control the muppets ...2011.07.04 16:35:00
- pee on me?Water sports in outerspace, turn the grav off an you go from golden shower to golden I don ...2011.07.04 16:30:00
- This thread needs to be locked, an some people sent back to school. Why is it people who live outsid ...2011.07.04 16:16:00
- A MUCH better comparison would be Walmart setting aside a section of their best clothes for those wh ...2011.07.03 01:31:00
- Pffft, go ahead and ban me. Accounts are already cancelled. So I lose a months play.... it only re ...2011.07.03 01:26:00
- You want there to be actual reality to this game? Are you out of your mind? OMG how dare you even su ...2011.07.03 01:21:00
- I like your post, I just don't think CCP cares. If they did, it would seem that things would be diff ...2011.07.03 00:32:00
- Sorry if i wasnt specific enought.I want just something that splits up the number. its not that int ...2011.07.03 00:10:00

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