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- Come back when you decided to grow up and get your ass out of highsec. This is now a WIDOT ...2010.12.07 16:08:00
- Killer: 93%, Achiever: 40%, Socializer: 33%, Explorer: 33%Hmm , cool. ...2010.10.08 01:43:00
- No god damn way!!! Way to late in the game to start this **** ccp. ...2010.09.20 23:31:00
- OMG THAT IS EPIC WIN!!! ...2010.07.20 23:40:00
- Wrong section but anyway..... Honestly it's up to how much effort you want to put into it. Everyones ...2010.05.29 05:43:00
- Personally I intend to use alts to (attempt) suicide ganking on myself to get concord to show up a ...2010.05.24 05:55:00
- 149 Guess that's the price you pay for living the in the rockies. ...2010.05.04 23:40:00
- I'm very confused, this is....a ....good.....thread....Thanks? ...2010.04.14 07:01:00
- I wonder what takes longer, fixing rockets or posting this.... I still think ccp is trolling us with ...2010.04.14 06:46:00
- Arnold Schwarzenegger. You know it'd be hilarious. Oh man i'm tempted to piece together fleet comms ...2010.02.12 07:18:00
- Loving the event so far, tis mostly awesome fun. Plenty of DISCO!8 Exhumers explode at the same time ...2010.01.08 01:26:00
- RvB is the most fun you can have with your pants on. Also Wraithstorm is insane. That's a good thing ...2009.12.23 20:23:00
- Big thumbs up man. Good video. Nice to see something and to HEAR something different. The Jon LaJoi ...2009.12.23 07:05:00
- I dont actually like that fighter-bomber idea. I think you moving motherships into a wrong way.My id ...2009.12.22 07:40:00
- Payout is way too high but completely removing it makes for more broke pvpers. This is really a big ...2009.12.20 07:49:00

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