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- If only there were some mystical place where the general population of Eve could go to find out abou ...2010.03.30 05:13:00
- He initially gives many good PVP and fleet suggestions including tactics, fittings, and overview set ...2010.03.29 23:32:00
- Lulz, I can do better than that and I suck. ...2010.03.19 01:05:00
- checking in to confirm that..a) I pay everyone's subscription feeso that...b) the game should be cha ...2010.03.19 00:28:00
- I literally dozed off while reading the 2nd part of the OPs post and that is a bad thing because I a ...2010.03.17 23:30:00
- As long as the POS doesn't have a probe interception array up, then yes. ...2010.03.10 02:01:00
- I think somebody misunderstood the general tone and purpose of this forum. ...2010.03.10 01:38:00
- Nobody cares. Go post your nutcups in CAOD.Nobody there will care either, but atleast it'll be the ...2010.03.06 03:05:00
- I don't know why you bothered with punctuation at all.. only instance I've ever seen where it would ...2010.03.06 03:00:00
- TLDRGank Hulks yourself if you're trying to drive the price of them back up on the market. We're no ...2010.03.06 02:20:00
- Ultimately I think he got sick of fanbois and Hydra Reloaded bullcrap and doesn't bother with the fo ...2010.03.05 00:16:00
- You just think they're single ships, unless you got /god mode ...2010.03.04 02:29:00
- Great, simply great.For me the best part of it is watching what happens when an everyday level of ga ...2010.03.03 06:34:00
- I thought it was CONCORDokken... ? Did it get changed? ...2010.03.03 04:04:00
- Edited by: Miney Prospector on 03/03/2010 04:00:34 I am going to go ahead and give a free preview o ...2010.03.03 03:54:00

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