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- Did anyone notice that the official DT now is 30 minutes? When did this happen?I'm usually not onlin ...2010.11.14 11:30:00
- I have been living in 0.0 for some time, and want to do some plexes, however, all the good ones are ...2010.11.13 18:58:00
- a warning that this is a download would be nice...This is a .pdf file for download, and it's huge. ...2009.12.21 11:12:00
- Can I deploy POS's and it's other structures from a Freighter?How about sovereign structures? ...2009.12.21 03:45:00
- I did some searching for two days, scanned about 8 neighbouring systems.Found two wormholes in Hagil ...2009.08.03 15:18:00
- Are wormhole less frequent on sisi than on tranquility?If so, where do I generally find wormholes? ...2009.08.01 11:45:00
- I was wondering. When setting up the POS, are the defences for keping out players only? Or do the Sl ...2009.07.31 16:34:00
- Not sure if this goes here...I am about to get into a Black ops ship and go to explore wormholes... ...2009.07.27 15:41:00
- go to CAOD instead of spamming every forum! too bad this is also a free bump to goo. ...2009.02.22 11:37:00
- I am looking for a system to rent in 0.0.Must have at least two moons to mine and some ratting capab ...2009.02.22 11:32:00
- I need access to two 0.0 moons to mine. Preferably Technetium & Platinum moon. Will also take any o ...2009.02.11 13:35:00
- I guess only $$$ decide what CCP does in this game... now skillqueues will be available at the cost ...2009.02.04 18:35:00
- skill queue?haha, I guess principles only last as long as the wallet is full!I thought CCP has point ...2009.02.04 18:27:00
- I never flown an assault frigate for real, I mean I have been playing around in it, joined corp-ops ...2009.01.19 22:50:00
- Edited by: Hector Martyr on 02/01/2009 12:54:06 This is what I have come up with, playing a bit aro ...2009.01.02 12:54:00

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