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- Just signed back up to EVE again. Haven't been to much busy places but was in Dodixie and got "socke ...2010.05.08 02:42:00
- That goes to show even the most advanced algrithms can't predict the market. ...2010.05.07 17:43:00
- Cheers mate! good post! I would love to see some kind of day by day guide for us newbie trade wannab ...2010.05.07 13:01:00
- We are still open!I think you need to update your service. Your site has been down for over a day no ...2010.05.06 13:38:00
- So Iv notice some huge roids in belts and always wondered if they give more ore before they are depl ...2007.11.08 07:53:00
- Just curious I've found great guides to agents but cant seem to find anything on what the required r ...2007.07.19 05:38:00
- I'll start by saying since this patch I've had 6 BSOD/total freezes while in EVE, never has EVE caus ...2007.07.18 22:49:00
- I have my charge set to 100,000 and havn't gotten a single spam mail in over 2 months! To change you ...2006.08.04 00:15:00
- Edited by: Pycke on 08/07/2006 19:42:24 Just lastnight I started having this problem, when i launch ...2006.07.08 15:52:00
- ah, thx mate! ...2006.06.22 00:05:00
- Hello all, im new to the world... errm universe of EVE, my profession is a trader. My question to a ...2006.06.21 23:18:00

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