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- If you are still in need of one I have a extra I can lend you for free. collateral would be required ...2011.07.16 12:00:00
- #992 ...2011.07.08 13:59:00
- Wow, you guys still around, so quiet, what do you do these days? mine in low-sec? ...2010.02.09 18:36:00
- there's good and bad, I always like interface refinements, but there is never enough, which of cours ...2010.02.08 14:06:00
- I saw your pic and I thought "Damn, Mittens is doing a perfect impression of an awful CAOD poster (m ...2010.02.05 12:57:00
- Just so people don't missunderstand.IT did not do anything to make Goons lose their space. IT is jus ...2010.02.01 20:27:00
- ZOMG IT'S NOT EVEN A FULL RESET YOU LOSERS! ...2010.02.01 13:34:00
- look at these chaps arguing on caod ...2010.01.30 05:31:00
- in before he says he way just *TROLLING* dumb goonies ...2010.01.29 13:39:00
- Non-sov-holding alliances and inquiring minds want to know:How is babby titan formed?apparently it i ...2010.01.28 18:54:00
- It's all your fault Gob, you jinxed them. ...2010.01.27 19:13:00
- Now it will be boring :/Goons still griefing you? ...2010.01.27 14:45:00
- Goons lost because 1 person didnt check a box, BOB lost because 1 person did check a box. Damn, this ...2010.01.26 18:10:00
- Time to buy DYSPRO AND PROMETH, don't act surprised when CCP makes the announcement ...2010.01.26 16:31:00
- Or you saying that not understanding game mechanics is a bug?bug or unknown mechanic in the latest p ...2010.01.26 14:12:00

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