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- My corp lives in a C3 with a D845 highsec static(meaning that somebody in the wormhole has to warp t ...2011.07.07 02:52:00
- Hm. I have 4/4/3 interplanetary/CCU/planetology.. Just play with it a bit to find hotspots. Managed ...2011.02.16 11:18:00
- I believe any number of heads on one hotspot will deplete it, I run 1-day cycles for 2 P0 items(3-4 ...2011.02.16 03:36:00
- Smart money, indeed... But A is true. Ran into somebody in Elonaya (Lonetrek region) in 2nd to botto ...2011.02.16 02:51:00
- I just checked the patch notes, no mention of smartbomb changes... Why do they not aggro concord now ...2011.02.16 02:31:00
- Edited by: Smeghammer on 05/09/2010 18:32:45 I'll certainly look into these fittings, and find one ...2010.09.05 18:31:00
- Pancho: Thanks for the sample fitting & comprehensive breakdown, though I cannot fit T2 guns, not fo ...2010.09.05 01:53:00
- Just figured I'd put my fitting up, see what suggestions people have for improvements. I've fitted m ...2010.09.04 23:30:00

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