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- This already happens. It's been going on for quite a while.No, what happens at the moment is that at ...2010.09.06 10:55:00
- 1. Many mission fits don't use *any* propulsion mod at all. It would also increase the practical ...2010.09.06 09:39:00
- I'm slightly concerned about the impact on AB fits. If missions are rebalanced in response to MWD, s ...2010.09.06 07:55:00
- 22:04, engagement at Frarn IV concluded. SlaveTama01 destroyed and pod killed. Details of engagement ...2010.09.04 22:07:00
- Hi-jacking thread with best youtube song ever ~~ No, no, no this is. :) ...2010.09.01 06:41:00
- I'd say ignore the battleships for a while, and go for battle cruisers as your mission running boat. ...2010.08.17 22:56:00
- Electus Matari are a solid alliance, and a great crowd to get in with. If you want to pew-pew in the ...2007.06.10 12:45:00
- Probably a million isk maybe as high as 5 mill if the module is nice (I haven't looked at the stats) ...2007.06.03 11:54:00
- Which particular branches of doctorine and tenets of faith do the Sani Sabik break according to 'ort ...2007.05.30 23:47:00
- Edited link. Copy and pasting the address into your browser should work. "" seems to ...2005.12.27 01:17:00
- Edited by: Cap''n NoBeard on 27/12/2005 01:15:32 Edited by: Cap''n NoBeard on 27/12/2005 01:14:30 ...2005.12.26 22:45:00
- Exactly how casual is casual?Casual means completely secondary to my achademic studies. Eve is what ...2005.12.18 17:34:00
- I've recently cut back my gameplay, and I'm looking for a corp where I can play on a more casual bas ...2005.12.16 16:14:00
- Edited by: Cap''n NoBeard on 01/11/2005 03:55:19 Some kooky ideas:"Ruby Statue" Mission Sequence: ( ...2005.11.01 03:54:00
- As a background I'm the CEO of Skyborne Exploration, we are actively involved in the minmatar cosmos ...2005.10.29 05:30:00

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