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- lg slave quote please ...2009.03.09 00:47:00
- We like to thank all the people that help us cleanse the area for the empire. I could try to list th ...2008.12.14 05:56:00
- can you please evemail me the prices for hg and lg sets ...2008.06.08 22:38:00
- 1.2 bil ...2008.06.05 03:16:00
- Edited by: goomba freehand on 04/06/2008 04:19:55 600 mil isk ...2008.06.04 04:19:00
- Do AF's need a boost yes. I fly the ishkur alot when i pew pew and i love the little green guy. I th ...2008.01.11 15:15:00
- this is not the age of caldari all it means is that you get to use your ewar on your ewar ships and ...2007.12.01 22:02:00
- solo pv is not dead with this ship at all. just use T2 meds and a full rack of blasters and you can ...2007.12.01 12:17:00
- Yeah the devs took away the fact that drones insta sheild recharge. I for one think it is wrong caus ...2007.11.29 23:33:00
- and once again the devs have destroyed the game of eve. Why not just put us all in noob ships cause ...2007.11.29 00:52:00
- great vid but with your fight with the myr you forgot to put rsd FTW ...2007.08.18 17:40:00
- my set up highs drone link aug x2 med remote armor rep cloak meds T2 remote sensor damps x3 ...2007.08.09 19:47:00
- nerfing the cpr hurts more than helps i use cprs on my recon and celestis to keep everything running ...2007.08.09 03:18:00
- VIVA LA FREGE ...2007.08.09 03:03:00
- I think lasers are fine where they are at they have great tracking great rof and a empty cargo hold ...2007.08.08 23:58:00

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