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- New patch, no change. CCP is this how it will be forever? ...2011.09.01 21:28:00
- Guys, please think about the Vampire MMORPG. It's more important.Does that window close normally? I ...2011.08.19 04:50:00
- I'm going to have to disagree with you there. For one thing, they look terriffic. Moreover, the cons ...2011.08.19 04:46:00
- Basically, what you are proposing would mean anything that uses potential energy would heat up towar ...2011.08.09 20:51:00
- Please CCP, do something about this. It is slowly growing into a hate generating thing, just trying ...2011.08.05 23:26:00
- I found there was some (unspoken, guessed at) cap on how many BPOs can be locked down in a single ha ...2011.08.05 23:22:00
- After using the keyboard command a while, it still sucks to have windows unresponsive to mouse click ...2011.08.02 06:59:00
- CTRL+W does the trick.Saves kilometer of mouse movement!Thanks!!! ...2011.07.28 15:34:00
- Edited by: Rascal deJascal on 28/07/2011 00:05:06 Somewhere in a recent patch something changed in ...2011.07.28 00:04:00
- I found the only chat channels that were broken had significant MOTD content. Removing the MOTD and ...2011.06.01 10:26:00
- Missing extractor hubs (the links are still there), unresponsive extractors and broken extraction am ...2011.05.31 21:49:00
- Giggity giggity bump My post was in a slump ...2011.04.23 08:47:00
- Looking to trade an Obelisk ME3 BPO for a Charon BPO, ME3 or ME2+PE1 ...2011.04.21 16:23:00
- Looking to sell an Anshar located in Jita. The price will be lower than any on the market at the tim ...2010.12.12 17:57:00
- What might help station life is the ability for people/corps to set up a shop and sell inside the st ...2010.11.28 17:52:00

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