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- I like this idea a lot, this feature should be changed so that it is easier to be lazy and not have ...2011.07.07 00:43:00
- I canceled my three accounts, just to make sure I don't forget when the cycle is. They still have so ...2011.06.25 15:26:00
- The best solution is to ask your client what they want to do about it. I always ask clients if they ...2011.05.02 19:03:00
- Perhaps the contract doesn't require us to kill any of the ships you don't undock when we're around? ...2011.01.12 06:21:00
- Could someone please explain the return policy on 0rphanage members? The one I acquired recently won ...2011.01.09 04:21:00
- Man I hope it isn't one of our alts because this guy sounds like an idiot. Sooooo yeah actually it p ...2010.12.30 03:48:00
- If you are referring to the war in which a French guy lost a nicely fit Vindicator to three carriers ...2010.12.15 16:46:00
- Edited by: Icas Otame on 14/12/2010 23:35:03 I can confirm that we are indeed good at making people ...2010.12.14 23:34:00
- WTF can't a man make a post on these forums without a bunch of his corp morons butting in? What is t ...2010.12.13 23:47:00
- Edited by: Icas Otame on 13/12/2010 23:43:32 Please let me know what killmails we are missing and w ...2010.12.13 23:43:00
- Edited by: Icas Otame on 12/12/2010 21:58:49 Edited by: Icas Otame on 12/12/2010 21:46:22 I'm look ...2010.12.12 21:45:00
- I approve of this incoherent rant. Someone once told me your not real mercs until your WTs are troll ...2010.12.09 22:51:00
- Edited by: El''Tar on 03/12/2010 17:37:26:highsec pvp: Still PVP.for bads I resemble that.Fixed fo ...2010.12.05 03:59:00
- In before the "NO CHAT LOGS FOR YOU!".I shall look into this before making an actual post regarding ...2010.12.03 02:40:00
- I was enjoying it actually when you weren't resorting to U MAD BRO, but now I'm tired and going to b ...2010.12.01 05:55:00

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