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- THIS is what I am talking about! Most epic movie in the history of Eve Online. Congratulations John ...2011.06.29 23:06:00
- Fantastic movie mate! Love the utu action in the end <3 ...2011.06.27 23:57:00
- Awesome, you managed to have it tattooed onto your girlfriends breast too !LOLpersonal opinion, i'd ...2011.06.27 22:43:00
- The issue is what you think a Loki should look like may not be what I think a Loki should look like. ...2011.03.29 20:35:00
- Quoting my petition: "Two days ago I bought my first Loki. When I bought it through contracts it ha ...2011.03.28 11:11:00
- you have my vote. ...2011.03.10 23:07:00
- Hey baby, my ****s the size of a Titan and it won't take 300 days for you to get on it...Zoo ...2011.01.30 11:03:00
- What really makes me wonder is how this is gonna work with PS3 and Xbox on the same planet at the s ...2010.11.15 21:32:00
- Not to mention using drone rigs on a carrier is a waste. ...2010.11.14 12:16:00

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