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- I have very little time lately, but the Eve-Metrics situation warranted a comment.Short version: I d ...2010.12.23 10:59:00
- Ah, of course, a background grid. Now i feel dumb.Thanks. :D ...2010.11.14 13:20:00
- Retooled the handling of items without any active sales:Previously the items got assigned ridiculous ...2010.11.13 19:42:00
- Thanks for the comment and the feedback. They've been insightful. :)Some information ahead: Right no ...2010.11.13 19:37:00
- There's some interesting data in there that i'll be able to use in my own project.There's one thing ...2010.11.13 06:48:00
- Server logs indicated an interest in the regions The Citadel and Providence, as such, they are now a ...2010.11.11 23:32:00
- Your thread has been a pretty interesting read. And since you like poking at graphs i thought you ma ...2010.11.11 18:50:00
- I just completed something i'd been plugging along at for a while now: no ...2010.11.11 12:47:00
- Up until now all items that are produced in batches were misrepresented in value, due to an unnecess ...2010.11.08 20:17:00
- Edited by: Xenofur on 31/10/2010 21:31:06 The aforementioned competition display is now in and acti ...2010.10.31 21:29:00
- So anyway I looked at that link and what I produce and sell was not listed.There's two possible reas ...2010.10.31 20:45:00
- Memory usage graphs are now a LOT more pretty and the culprit is clear. ...2010.10.31 11:04:00
- Two small updates:1. Clicking the links under the manufacturing cost column now again opens the bill ...2010.10.31 01:01:00
- And as is with most if not all automated tools, check everything yourself instead of blindly relying ...2010.10.29 07:30:00
- You might wanna look at Eve-Profits to get an idea. ...2010.10.29 07:27:00

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