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- ... IRC is a great alliance has great leadership ... Quoted the funny part. ...2011.03.02 04:32:00
- Look at the bright side -You aren't in IRC anymore! Happy ending if I ever heard one... ...2011.02.03 08:01:00
- Yeah, people have done stupider things. Here are three I can think of:Exact same scenario, but a gu ...2009.10.01 19:43:00
- brick and goons, BFFs forever.Goons won't stop the NAP train until we have all of EVE blue. ...2009.08.23 04:24:00
- Edited by: Marexlovox on 23/08/2009 04:10:15 something fishy going on here? No, just a bunch ...2009.08.23 04:22:00
- DBRB counted 152 dread wrecks after ninja salvaging had already begun. It was a big fight. ...2009.08.18 01:09:00
- ... So if this is the end, which it might be Kudos to the ones who beat the wounded horse. Hopefu ...2009.07.04 23:39:00
- Goons: Lose some ships, all of which are reimbursed by the alliance.IRC: Lose their space and move ...2009.07.03 07:21:00
- Their rule is that only "authorized" IRC personnel can post in here. Which means only the people th ...2009.07.01 20:46:00
- 200-ish caps down in one day.Cap builders are going to be mighty happy. ...2009.06.30 00:44:00
- Let's just say that DBRB being the FC provided special motivation for me to volunteer to be the -1 s ...2009.06.23 18:32:00
- Farham, stop trolling COAD. you and corp doesn't amount to nothing and no one really cares what your ...2009.05.11 23:08:00
- ... you are a pathetic bunch of L00SERS if you don't know other way of fighting a war. Yes, beca ...2009.04.13 22:45:00
- Saba, I dont think you got it.(stuff)No, I don't think YOU "got it". How about a little sample fr ...2009.03.24 22:55:00
- Long story short? Was not IRC that set RA red first. Was not IRC that attacked blues all of the s ...2009.03.24 04:03:00

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