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- Thank you, great service ...2008.05.30 21:05:00
- Nice vid, great to see someone using heat to gain that extra boost, shame lofty and NFF have to brin ...2007.11.04 14:10:00
- Turn V-sync on, my graphics card used to heat up loads in station, when I got more fps than I got un ...2007.11.02 17:05:00
- More nerfs to fun ships ...2007.11.02 02:59:00
- Edited by: Kurt Phoenix on 30/10/2007 16:17:01 Looks nicely thought out, and I approve, although I ...2007.10.30 16:16:00
- its 125% bonus after taking into account the big reduction you get from putting a cloak on, so its f ...2007.10.30 16:13:00
- you forget that it will get nerfed just when everyone sinks half a years worth of skills for it like ...2007.10.30 16:07:00
- There are so many rumours and general complaints flying around that I can't tell the facts apart.Som ...2007.10.26 13:19:00
- The Eos was a great ship, able to hold its own solo, but it was never the best solo ship, unless you ...2007.10.26 09:37:00
- Gallente should have the warfare mods to augment scrambler range, tying in with the recon bonus tech ...2007.10.24 09:43:00

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