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- Just give CCP more money, everyone's a winnerMore money for CCP is good for EVE Online, right? RIGHT ...2011.06.25 20:35:00
- CCP Zulu: CCP plans on evolving its offering of virtual goods based on player demandUnless that dem ...2011.06.25 20:26:00
- Blasters on battleships are for fighting on station undocks, and they excel more than any other weap ...2010.10.27 06:46:00
- Some of the files have been modified! Please re-install. ...2010.09.30 19:29:00
- I've had problems with my mac client using 120% or more of my CPU, according to activity monitor, wh ...2010.01.11 13:10:00
- While I don't doubt that you can bust the alliances in 0.0 now, I do doubt that you can fix 0.0 with ...2009.09.15 12:56:00
- he doesn't have director or he would be trying to sell that, silly goose ...2009.04.22 21:17:00
- you think this is bad wait until they withhold their prome from the market competely ...2009.04.22 16:16:00
- Save all the loot and burn through spawns faster/chain the better ones and I normally see good retur ...2009.03.14 20:07:00
- Edited by: Chainsaw Plankton on 11/03/2009 05:11:03 *buffs lowsec and empire**is surprised at vitri ...2009.03.14 11:17:00
- *buffs lowsec and empire**is surprised at vitriol from the nullsec players that have been completely ...2009.03.10 19:49:00
- Edited by: Patripassion on 08/03/2009 19:30:52 Thank you for addressing my questions, CCP Dropbear, ...2009.03.08 19:20:00
- My understanding is that previously Gas Clouds were limited to specific Constellations in specific r ...2009.03.06 23:02:00
- intense end-game benefits that's called a wishful thinking.A non stacking nerfed 10% bonus to a cat ...2009.03.06 22:42:00
- You know what would really be cool, and a foil to macro miners, is if one could not tell the composi ...2009.03.06 22:36:00

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