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- Your platform is fine, but why does the king of the goons need my vote to get elected? Aren't there ...2011.02.26 07:41:00
- Welp, tried installing the patch through the client, didn't work. Tried manually downloading, didn't ...2011.01.18 19:52:00
- Still in search of potential new opportunities! ...2010.06.11 03:15:00
- Um, hi. I've been playing eve for about a year and a half now, most of it spent in my current corp s ...2010.06.10 20:50:00
- Teams that scored a perfect win, that is to say, their opponent scored 0 should be ranked in the top ...2010.06.06 20:07:00
- I guess so, although that doesn't make any sense to me.Strength of opposition. ...2010.06.06 19:03:00
- where is the connection to the game? Does the tourney decide SOV? Does it make changes in the market ...2010.06.05 16:37:00
- Here we go! ...2010.03.09 05:14:00
- We're okay I guess ...2010.03.08 04:12:00
- Good music, fun vid--especially the wtf moment when I, after having zoned out a little, looked at yo ...2009.12.21 06:37:00
- Yeah appreciate the smack-free fight. If every fight with CoC was that civil, we might be blue by no ...2009.10.16 03:06:00
- yarp. ...2009.09.19 23:08:00
- C'mon guys, we don't even know how powerful this new focused attack will be. Imagine one shotting ca ...2009.09.08 04:23:00
- Bumpitup ...2009.08.18 04:42:00
- Still looking for a few more FRIENDS ...2009.08.13 07:33:00

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