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- Without the freedom to do evil, the decision to not do it becomes meaningless. ...2008.12.17 01:28:00
- I can't seem to make more than 500mil a month. Every time I think I'm gonna make more, I start goofi ...2008.11.16 00:27:00
- For Kldraina ...2008.11.02 01:12:00
- I do mineral trading. My system is pretty simple.Step 1: place a region wide buy order at a low pric ...2008.08.30 06:15:00
- For me, success is having more money than I know what to do with. Mostly because my favorite part of ...2008.08.18 00:40:00
- I'd like one. ...2008.08.16 10:02:00
- Your lack of respect for others is appallingRespect has to be earned. A random person posting drive ...2008.07.22 02:05:00
- I have two suggestions: 1) Avoid Jita. Competition there is fierce. 2) It might be good to try Mi ...2008.07.10 08:27:00
- I don't see how isk sinks would encourage group play. The primary reason for solo play is to avoid t ...2008.07.10 08:00:00
- I rely upon memory and my wallet. I actually find it very difficult to tell how much money I make as ...2008.07.10 05:41:00
- Edited by: Kldraina on 04/07/2008 09:24:15 The biggest reason to not allow email addresses is becau ...2008.07.04 09:24:00
- Edited by: Kldraina on 26/06/2008 04:32:21 Edited by: Kldraina on 26/06/2008 04:30:51 http://myeve ...2008.06.26 04:31:00
- With how many times I've been sent to kill the exact same NPC, some of them must be pod pilots. ...2008.01.02 02:14:00
- Pretty much everyone knows about the difference between Player characters and Non-player characters. ...2008.01.01 22:30:00
- I am doubtful that a Star Destroyer would do more damage than a Blasterthron. If it doesn't do more ...2007.12.17 05:42:00

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