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- more than 2 months ago. what we got here is a failure to communicate.Face melting PWNAGE. ...2011.01.17 16:04:00
- That would be player-collected data. You should find some infos on quite a few sites (there is some ...2010.12.09 18:32:00
- You mean none of the tables contain any data on cosmic signatures?Correct!The data dump contains sta ...2010.12.09 18:19:00
- Neither of them.You mean none of the tables contain any data on cosmic signatures? ...2010.12.09 12:57:00
- Which table holds the data for the cosmic signatures? ...2010.12.09 11:36:00
- Edited by: Trick Novalight on 16/06/2010 13:13:59 As someone who works in a data center and sees mo ...2010.06.17 07:58:00
- As many know it is improper to quote GM's directly. But lets say a little bird hinted it was all rig ...2010.02.13 12:23:00
- I've owned that carrier for a long time. It was built in soba a long long time ago. 5 - 7b isk for i ...2010.02.13 00:54:00
- Greetings,I am selling a prized collectible. This empire bound carrier is located in Sobaseki.Bid st ...2010.02.12 19:12:00

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